Computer Repair and Alzheimers?

I’ll tell ya what, being a computer repairman is proving a real adventure. First kiddie porn, the feds and now this.

I have a new customer who looks to be maybe in her mid 60’s. What started as my thinking this was just another senior with zero computer skills has now become my strong suspicion that this very nice lady is suffering from Alzheimers disease or some other similar malady.

Maybe somebody has a suggestion. This woman has called me 4 times to ask me the exact same questions. I don’t mean computer questions. I mean like does she pick it up or am I bringing it back on Saturday. Today is Saturday. How much will it cost? What day did I come to her house to pick it up. Why can’t the screen be fixed. Her monitor is dead and I’ve explained literally 25 times that monitors are no longer repaired.

She just left me a message, 5th call today, telling me to go ahead and fix it when there is nothing to fix. I have her scheduled for Monday to take her machine back with a working monitor since the first time I called her this morning. She has confirmed amounts of payment she thinks I told her ranging in the hundreds of dollars when we settled on 140 total the first few conversations.

She lives alone in an immaculately kept very nice house and looks herself to be in perfect health and very conscientious of her appearance. I’m afraid this lady is a danger to herself and maybe others if she gets behind the wheel of a car. I don’t know about relatives, but find it tough to believe that nobody in close contact with her, if there was anybody would not be aware of this. I have no clue who would look into something like this and would hate to put her in the hands of somebody without her best interests in mind.

Maybe it’s meds, I don’t know, it doesn’t seem so, but she absolutely does not remember even the broadest content of the same conversation from one hour to the next. It’s not my responsibility per se, but I’d hate to have something happen to her having observed this behavior and not acting at all.

I’ll tell ya one thing, it’s a good thing I’m an honest guy because I could swindle her out of a pile of cash like taking candy from a baby and in fact somebody may if nothing’s done.

How the hell do I get into these situations? Anybody have the slightest experience with something like this?

Hmm, I do know that has a phone number that you can call with any questions.

I bet it would make some volunteer’s day to hear from someone like you.

Otherwise, my first instinct would be to bring up the topic of church and figure out if/where she goes. I guess it’s up to you to decide if the church is predatory, and give them a call with your concerns.

Tiribulus, there should be an Adult Protective Services you can call. Same thing as Child Protective Services, you call and make a report and they investigate it.

Another idea would be to sit her down in person and tell her you’re concerned about some of your exchanges and would like to touch base with a family member. It could very well be something as simple as a poor reaction to medication (something new added or something like Xanax building up in her system, which is a danger for the elderly). Dehydration can also cause dementia. Doing it in person allows you to make sure she doesn’t freak out and do something stupid. My guess is that if she doesn’t know this is happening, she’ll be concerned and happy to involve someone she trusts. If she does know it’s happening, she’ll say so.

I disagree with Horatio that you should go sniffing around for clues to her life. Either call and report it to Adult Protective Services or speak honestly with her. Direct communication is always best.

You’re in Michigan? Try this:

[i]Vulnerable Adult Abuse and Exploitation Helpline: (800) 996-6228

This 24/7 statewide service provides crisis counseling and information & referral services. Helpline counselor will connect caller to local APS office to make a report, if appropriate.[/i]

Self-neglect is unfortunately not an uncommon issue, so they’ll be able to advise you.

Computer repair does sound to be significantly more exciting than I would have imagined!

I concur with Emily: Please try to connect with a state or local social service. Even your local Senior Citizens Center might be a help! It sounds to me like this woman needs an assessment or evaluation? There are a lot of illnesses that can mimic Alzheimer’s and what you are seeing sounds enough like a red flag that someone should get a head’s up. I know it’s a pain in the ass that this woman is hounding you, but as someone who’s mother developed Alzheimer’s at 55, thanks for your concern. :slight_smile:


I will look into them tomorrow. She definitely needs some help from somebody and I sure am not them.

You’re a good guy, Tiribulus.