Computer Problems

I have a problem that I think could/is semi serious so I am calling upon the expertise of the many qualified T-men out there
As of late, my computer has been doing some goofy crap. A few weeks back, I got the blue screen but luckily it hasn’t happened since. About two days ago I realize that none of the passwords that I have set my computer to remember have been remembered, and no matter what i do I cant even get my computer to remember my usernames. Whats the deal with all this?

No big deal, the blue screen of dead maybe was a random error that required memory dump, if your computer was ok after that I wouldnt worry about it.

And the passwords thing, maybe its a spyware program or you accidentaly cleaned all your cookies and internet histtory, or maybe you changed ir updated your browser?

Thats all I can think of right now, but there a lot of ppl here that know a lot about computers so dont worry :wink:

You mean your usernames you’ve set on your browser, or in Windows? If it’s the browser, what are you using (IE/Firefox)?

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Lemme look through my old tech support macros… ah, here it is:

Please assist us by replying with a detailed description of the problem you are encountering. Provide a step by step account of the actions you are taking leading directly up to the problem. Explain what does or does not occur, and how that differs from your expectations or past experience. The higher the quality of the information you are able to provide about the problem, the greater the likelihood that we are going to be able to provide a solution. [/quote]

In the past, I had several websites (i.e. facebook, T-Nation) set to where whenever I pulled up such websites my username and password were already logged in so I didn’t need to do anything. Now it does not remember my username or password at all, no matter how much I check the ‘remember me’ box or anything. I do not think that it is a case of me deleting my cookies and whatnot because I keep re-typing them in and telling it to remember my password, to no avail

Internet Explorer or Firefox?

[quote]jahall wrote:
Internet Explorer or Firefox?[/quote]

Good ole firefox

Have you checked settings in firefox to make sure nothings changed?

Get a program called HijackThis and run it - what it does is make a log of the services that are running on your computer.

Post the log on here and we can have a look if there are any suspicious services running, if you think it’s actually spyware or a little virus.