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Computer logs

Anyone know of any good computer programs that you can log your reps sets and excercies…i know charles stanley has one but i’m not really looking to spend 50 bucks on one… am i just better off staying in my notebook??

ps. I love surge

i use Excel…you can do anything with that damn Program, and if you learn how to use it to its full potential you can have it doing formulas for you to give you pretty much anything you want. -i know all of those hours of learning Simple and Multiple regression would come in handey someday…

As a computer programmer, I have very large plans for computer programs to do just what you’re talking about, and more. Right now I’m in the brainstorming process at the same time. I think I’ve though of everything, but am probably wrong, so if any and all people that read this post would, could you mention some ideas of what you would be looking for in a computer program that potentially could handle all aspects of weight training and nutrition except the actual lifting and eating itself? That would be sweet!

I’d like to see a program that could figure out my 1 rep max based on what i can do 5 or 10 times or something to that extent. Your program could be graphical showing different exercises and diet programs based on what the persons goal is and where he/she is at now . Also try puting together the front and back of a musclular body and when a person clicks on a muscle you can graphically show exercises that would work that muscle or groups of muscles efficiently. That last thing i said sounds like a good idea…what language are you going to use to program this?

Thanks, those are all ideas that I’m considering. I’ll probably throw it together in VB. Most of it I can already do at this stage in VB, such a simple language. I was also thinking that I could make it cross-platform by using Java, which is fairly simple too. We’ll see what kinds of fun things I can learn in my next three years at RIT in NY. Like I said, I have bigger plans than those I’ve mentioned here. =)

If anyone gets around to coding one up, please make sure that you open source it!

maybe its just easier to buy charles stanly’s program

Choad, there are several places on the net that have 1RM calculators, not sure which is better or URLs, but I had found it easily enough.

I would love a program that can graph out all the changes I’ve made in my supplementation, food(with protein/fat/carb percentages), and weight/strength gains. That way I can look at my food graph and compare it to my training graph to see whether the diet I’m on worked,or if the supplement I’m on is working. That way I have objective feedback on my routine. You could probably figure all that out in excel but who has the time… Oh and Choad… Have you heard of Real Basic??? Its object oriented like VB and you can produce multiple versions for mac and pc at the same time. I beleive it supports unix also(especially with Mac OSX being out now). You might want to check it out, I think its fairly inexpensive although, being a student almost everything is expensive.

Choad, instead of trying to take everything into account on your own (an admirable goal, but probably impossible), why don’t you put what you’ve got done up here (or somewhere) and let all of us take it for a test run? You’d have lots of feedback, saving you months of development and troubleshooting. One other request: whatever you write, please make it Mac-compatible!