Computer Help

Hey guys i had a program on my computer called motorola phone tools and it wasnt working right. I couldnt uninstall it through the normal add/remove programs thing in the control panel, so i went into one of the drives with all my programs in it and deleted it.

When i clicked the drive it said that i shouldnt mess around with the stuff in the file, but since i knew deleting motorola phone tools wasnt too big of a deal, i did it anyway. So i got a CD for motorola phone tools and i cant seem to install it on my computer.

When i put the CD into the drive the install wizard or something like that comes up and says that its going to start the installation but doesnt, and when i go into My Computer theres a picture of motoroa phone tools showing the computer is reading the cd, just when i click the picture the install wizard just comes up and the same thing that happens when i stick the CD into the computer occurs.

Does anybody know how i can download this program from the CD onto my computer?

Thanks alot


Try booting into Safe Mode, logging in as an Administrator and installing it there.