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How can i transfer vhs to my pc? What programs can I download to help with this?

hey. i need some help. i know some of yall know how to do this.

I believe you’ll need a video card that has an input for video, such as Radeon’s All-In-Wonder. There may be an expansion card that does that specifically.

And how about a USB cable? And the proper software. Too bad you don’t have a Mac.

Goldie, my suggestion would be to check out a local film school and or film editing place and see what they suggest.

I know of the hardware/software necessary for DVD, but am not familiar with VHS.

Pinnacle Studio 8AV or Dazzle Hollywood 1394 DV analog video capture.

I use a device called Dazzle video capture. You can buy them at OfficeMax. It’s pretty handy and works most of the time. The only downside is the files it creates are usually pretty big and you have to teach yourself how to use it best.

You need a card with a TV input (you can find them cheaper than the all in wonders, look at http://www.hauppauge.com/

I haven’t used one of these, but I’m assuming its like my old voodoo card with a TV input, same chipset, then when you get that set up, it lets you run cable TV into your computer, so instead of running cable, hook up the VCR, and then the TV program lets you record shows as AVI files (movie files). That’s all you need to do. PM me if you need any more help, and I’ll help walk you through it.

thanks for the help. my roommate is the computer whiz so im gonna let him handle it. He just needed a nudge in the right direction.