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Computer Games Advice/Help


i dont play computer games that much anymore… maybe the one on my phone, but i have an interview tomorrow for a games shop and will prob get asked alot of questions
if anyone has the time or chance

what are good games for kids these days. on the wii and non wii
whats a good non game

what kind of periherals are available these days?
just looking for some info to bolster my case fo this job.
i need it at the moment
many thanks people

If you want the job bad enough, do your own homework.

You don’t seem like you’re into gaming, so I’m not sure why you want to work at a “games shop.”

oh i have been.
ah it d be a temp arrangement for xmas.
i used to play alot of strategy & rpg games
just been out of the loop for a few years
thanks anyway

Tell them you played elite. :wink:

hahaha thanks
good one!!!

Go to ign.com and look up all the games rated at 9 or above for whichever console you want to learn about.

Maybe read some reviews.

Well, I’m also bit out of touch these days, but I’ll try:

the haptic music shit sells good: guitar hero, rockstar and clones. Good for sales because you need a new “joypad”.

Little Big Planet is pretty new and kids friendly (xbox or ps3, dunno).
More kids friendly stuff: practically every new Mario/Wario/Metroid iteration is at least ok, you can recommend them blindly to Wii owners, Mario being a pick for 12 year olds, Metroid/Zelda for 14+ youngsternerds

more mature material:
RPG (well, sort of) Fallout 3 (Bethesda, XBOX & PC) is ok.
FPS Action: I’d go with Left for Dead (Valve, PC)
PC RTS: new Command and Conquer is shitty, but probably a recommendable hype

Oh and I think Lara has a new (this time decent) game, check it out on Metacritic, IGN, gamespot etc.

You should be able to instantly recall information for the following, at least;

RPG: Elder scrolls Oblivion, Fable 2, Fable (for relevance to Fable 2), Too Human, Mass Effect

Shooters: Halo series, Gears of war Series, Call of Duty series (and the differences between different publishers for them), ghost recon advanced warfighter 1 + 2, RainbowSix vegas series

Fun games: Be familiar with Rock Band series, Guitar hero series, Dance dance revolution. Be ready to answer questions about them.

Differences between 360/Ps3/Wii in terms of controllers, average game content, and internet gameplay, memory storage also.

Research this stuff, become fluent in it (by tommorrow, LOL), and you should be passable.

for strategy no doubt Company of heroes opposing fronts, unreal game especially if you like WW2 you wont be dissaointed.

Computer games: The Witcher, Supreme Commander, WoW, Sins of a Solar Empire, Spore, AoC.

Also, learn about MMORPGS. They are huge nowadays.

she didnt even ask me about games thank god ha
but it ll be good to know
my mate gave me a good go off of final fantasy VII crisis core on the PSP yesterday that wa enjoyable if you want to sign your life away to finish the game 100%

i might upgrade my laptop & pick up a pc game.
something to mess around with though dont know if my processor (celeron m) can take it…
then i llhave to upgrade my laptop ha

I got my GF practically addicted to an old, processor friendly game. It’s a strategy/economy game, but it’s the best I know in this genre by far.
It’s called “Emperor , Rise of the Middle Kingdoms” and your job is to overseer the construcion of various cities in ancient China.
It’s the last of the (2D) City Builder series and it’s mechanics are an example of awesome game design.
I’m sure you can get a copy for just a few bucks these days.

Just say what genre you like, I know the market rather well (just not the recently produced stuff).