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Computer Engineer Graduate


Hey guys, any CE/EE out there can help me decide what am i gonna do next? I am planning to get a 2nd bach. in EE, but not sure if that will do much for me. or should i just come out and work? I have got only one year experience (part time). so, i am really confuse on rather i should continue on my education or work? or get a master on something else?

thanks for any advices!


What's your first BS in?


Computer Engineer.


I meant Computer Engineering.


I think a masters in computer science would be great for a comp eng graduate.


I am a computer engineer, and I'll tell you what to do. I'm cool like that.

Get a job, ya hippie. Make sure you get one at a firm that will pay for higher education, which most of the large ones do. Where I work (now... I just switched jobs), they will pay 100% of higher education costs, as long as it's in your field. That would allow you to start working on a masters or doctorate in computer science or EE.

Since computer engineering is considered similar to a dual major in EE/CS, it won't do you much good to get another BS. If you're a better programmer than EE, do the MS in computer science.

If you're better at the EE stuff, do your MS in EE. If you're one of those assiduous students who did well in both, go ahead and get your MS in CE.


I would agree. A masters in CS or SE will open up a lot more job opportunities. At many schools you can get an RA or TA that will pay for tuition and possibly most of your living expenses (if you live cheap). Try to choose a school where they are doing serious and well-funded research in an area that interests you, and try to get involved in that research, even if you don't get paid for it.


thanks for all the response!

the thing is that i had applied to a few places and they all requires 3+ yrs. i only had 1 yr of part time IT experiences in a small company. also, most company prefer VB.NET and SQL...and as most of you know, colleges don't teach those in-depth or at all in their core classes(well, not mine school).

i had 'play' with it alittle, but not enough to land me a job. i don't want to be unemployed, that's why i was thinking to continue my education (and pile up my loans).

thanks all!


VB is not hard. If you've done the level of C/C++ programming that I suspect you have, you can learn it in a couple of days. SQL is not difficult either... just pick up the O'Reilly mSQL/mySQL book and start practicing. If you know any perl, build a small perl-driven database, and get the experience. It isn't a problem.

Now, where are you applying? Hiring is very good right now, especially in defense. I suspect that if the place you're looking at want VB.net, you're probably looking in the wrong areas.

Just my $0.02.


As I said, if you get an RA or TA position, you shouldn't need to "pile up your loans". Many schools waive tuition for TAs and/or RAs. And if you're any good, you may find work through school. My first year of grad school (in CS), with a 1/3 time TA, I ended up only $1500 in the hole (I started in 1993, but zero tuition is zero tuition). By the second year I had a 1/2 time RA and hourly programming work, and managed to save a little. A few years later (doing my Ph.D), I was doing several contract jobs I got through contacts at the University, and had a full time RA as part of a large grant. Of course, that wasn't typical, but having a 1/3 time TA for two years while you finish your Masters course work was fairly common.


I am a but confused. When someone tells me they are a computer engineering major, I assume they are hardware oriented. If they say they are computer science major, I assume they are software oriented.

So my question is, are you hardware or software? If you are hardware, what are you doing looking at SQL and VB?

I would recommed pursuing a MS and not a BS (if you choose to pursue any more education at all).

What type of job are you looking for?


Computer Engineering is a hybrid of the two, as someone said earlier in the posts.

I dont think it was mentioned, but some Unversities have CompE MS degrees. I would look into those if you like doing both.

As someone who also has a CompE and has worked both commercially(IBM) and in defense(Lockheed), finding a job in either is depending on preferences. Commercial is FAST pace, you need to be quick on your feet and be willing to work some longer hours. I now work in defense, and it is much SLOWER. OMG is it slow. If we miss a date, eh? At least that is my experience.

The market is actually not to bad, depending on where you live or would like to live in either fields. Most companies are hiring new grads.


like the above poster said...CE is both hardware and software. I've had a yr of the IT/programmer part time experience before, but I don't know if that's enough. I live in South FLorida and I can't find anything that my feet will fit in.

BTW, if I go into hardware, what would I be doing? And what should I be looking for when searching for jobs?

Thanks all!