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Computer audio

After I moved I started getting this aweful static crackling when I try to use my computer’s speakers. Sucks because I like to listen to MP3’s while I work. Also, the thing that sits on the floor (totally forgot what it’s called- woofer maybe?) hums and cuts itself off even when the speakers are turned off. I have to keep it unplugged. None of this happened when I lived at another house. It doesn’t happen all the time here either. Any ideas here?

Sound like a bad connection or your amps going out.

how are the speakers hooked up? check all the connections to make sure they are tight, then get new connecting cables (I would assume they are some type of RCA or something similar). check all the connectors on the speakers and the computer. you may have bonked something loose during the move, and the interference may be a result of a component grounding that shouldnt be, or a component not getting grounded that should be. is the hum of the subwoofer cyclical? yeah, the big speaker is either a woofer or subwoofer.

Where is your speaker in realtion to the wall and the computer? If it is not well sheilded it can pick up feedback and hum. Try moving it away from the wall and anything electrical.