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Hello all,

Have any of you ever had the feeling that all of your hip, leg, and back muscles are so tight that your stature/posture is compressed. I feel this daily and feel as if I got all my muscled loosened, my body would be long and lean and what feels like 2"-3" taller… any thoughts about this, and if so, what things can I do to alleviate the problem. I stretch but would like to take a more aggressive approach, no matter what it takes.

Please let me know.

Sort of. Never really compressed like you say but tight etc. I bought a pair of gravity boots and it helped a ton. I use them after a HEAVY squat or DL workout and man do they help. Just loosen thngs up stretch out. I will actually conme out of them taller. The first time things popped and snapped I didnt know I had LOL.

Really aids in recovery as well. They are also grea for an awesome ab workout.

Just something you may consider.

Hope that helps,

Which gravity boots did you buy and for how much. Please give me more info on the benefits of the boots. How tall has it made you so far?

There was an interview with one of the coaches on T-Nation, and he recommended against using gravity boots because it can cause more problems. It may have been one of the articles with Kinakin (sp)?

Yes DR. Ryan said dont live in them etc but I still Like mine for both strechting and exercise.

Got them at New Your Bar Bell, around $60 I do beleive.