I tore my right hamstring about 4 iches above my knee yesterday in a football game. Right now I’m icing it and I plan on doing light sled dragging. My question is, how would compressing it help, say wrapping it tight in an ace bandage?

Perhaps the word you’re searching for isn’t TORE. If this were the case you probably wouldn’t be dragging anything. What exactly is the diagnosis of the injury?

No diagnosis. My hammie felt funny on one play, then about 6 plays later I felt it sort of snap and I had to come off to the sidelines immediately where I would spend the rest of the game. I assumed it was torn. Any thoughts?

See your physiotherapist.

Ditto. See a health professional (i.e., physiotherapist or ART person). If it is truly torn you won’t be pulling anything for a while.

it could be a grade 1 tear in which it would be painful but still able to move it. i think you guys are thinking of a full grade 3 tear.
most hammy tears are high, near the gluteal fold, so its odd that yours is that low. you sure its not just brusing?

This happened to me last week as well playing football. I used RICE for the first week and I see an ART practioner today. I think mine is a slight tear since there is bruising from the gluteal fold to the knee.