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Compression Shirt as Bench Shirt?

So I was thinking about this, wild idea but may have some benefit. Would a super tight compression shirt ( I buy mine in large and wear a XL t-shirt ) like a size small somewhat simulate a bench shirt? I don’t know just a thought, both very very constricting on the chest, tris, and shoulders.

If you want to wear a bench shirt, why not get a bench shirt?

Just buy like 10 of those compression shirts, get them in all sizes so that you can put the larger ones on later on, and bench lookin like a highly compressed marshmallow.

The answer is no…it wouldn’t work.

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No, it will not work. If you want something to increase your bench but not deal with the hassels of a bench shirt get a slingshot.

bench shirts are pretty expensive, and I didn’t think it will have a big impact nowhere near as much of a bench shirt. I usually have better bench days when I have a compression shirt under my T.


I don’t think this idea is as silly as most are implying. Supposedly, the first bench shirts came about because John Inzer noticed improvement in his bench when he wore really tight t-shirts. If a t-shirt makes any difference at all, I think a compression shirt would be even more noticeable. I certainly don’t think it will be anything like an actual bench shirt, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a few pounds out of it.

OP is 16 years old, give him a little break. Save your money for a good belt kid, that and hard work will take you further and longer than pretty much all else.

just a thought lol and yeah like I said, I seem to have better days benching with a compression shirt and I think my shoulders feel safer. Everyone has something weird they like to do. And I got ya popeye I got a pretty good thick belt, I’m saving for a 10lb bag of whey and the Slingshot. Gotta hit 350 bench soon

This is one of those things you are better off trying while not telling anyone, then if it works start a forum saying it works. But just asking if it works is like asking if I jump off one foot do i jump higher than off two? Just do it and find out. The idea might be legit, it is just pointless since we all dont really know since nobody does it

I benched in underarmor shirts before, its awful. Slidin all over the place, and while the tight wrapped feeling is nice and helps, it doesnt come close to making up for the slickness. This is actually the only reason i lift in a sleeveless shirt, you can stick your back to the bench and it helps more than you’d think.

Just get a slingshot or actually wear a bench shirt mike

Yeah I’m getting the slingshot, no bench shirt I want to lift raw and just use the sling for assistance and to handle more weight