Compression of Morbidity: Implications and Interactions with TRT/TOT/etc

I’ve read a lot of comments on various forums (usually younger dudes with less than 1 yr of TRT/TOT under their belt) with some type of variant of this Faustian Bargain:

If I had to, I would sign a contract to rather live 10 more years with my new vitality and then die instead of living to one hundred with the dreadful state I was in before.

However I bet many dudes would prefer some type of “compression of morbidity”. Figured I would start a thread on it here since its related to TRT/TOT/Super Duper Mode and may be useful to some folks. FYI since TOT/super dude mode seems to be increasingly popular in society.

Discuss what “optimal” means to you and your objective function as it relates to TRT/TOT/etc/etc. Performance, longevity, a combination of both? Tradeoffs you are aware of and those you may not be aware of.

Hormone replacement therapy in the aging male

Damn, I know I am old now as I cannot read the wording…

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Happy Birthday, you made it!!

Thank you sir I did make it can you believe I was born on April 1st in Tehran Iran that’s how my life started lol I’m now recovering from a good workout and walking a couple of miles very nice of you to respond

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I am very fortunate at this point in my life I live in St Petersburg Florida and love the outdoors I’ve been truly blessed

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I’m in the witness protection program…officially Parts Unknown :-).