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Compression Cuffs for Elbows

Curious if anyone here uses them and if it really helps alleviate elbow pain? I have golfers elbow that I’ve managed pretty well, but after trying some weighted chin ups for the first time in years it came back pretty hard.

Any thoughts on the slingshot cuffs? I’d be wearing them when I bench and squat.

I use the slingshot cuffs (the blue ones, you can actually see them in my avatar). They helped out a ton with my elbow pain. After years of shoveling snow, my right elbow felt like broken glass, and wearing these every session really helped ease some pain. I couldn’t imagine squatting with them, as they’d most likely cut off blood flow, but for pressing work they are awesome.

That said, I wear them directly on the elbow, and they stretched out pretty quickly that way. I talked with some folks at my last strongman comp and they told me I was wearing them wrong, and that they are supposed to be above or below the joint in order to prevent that, but it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. They still work though, and are cheap all things considered.

Yeah, I have an el cheapo pair that I wear when my elbow acts up, and they help a good bit.

Thanks for the replies. After thinking about it I may just go for some simple neoprene sleeves.