Compressed Disc at L5-S1, Inversion Therapy

Hi guys

After over a decade of back pain from when I was a teenager and countless physios, chiros etc. I finally got a x-ray done (previously everyone thought it was a muscular problem and a x-ray wasn’t needed) my L5-S1 disc is compressed. Thankfully, I have no nerve issues or anything like that as the disc isn’t bulging, I just suffer with a lot of inflammation, muscle tightness, SI joint problems etc. because of it.

Has anyone have any suggestions on treatment? One thing I am seriously considering is a inversion table to allow my spine to stretch, aiming to decompress the disc somewhat and give me some relief. The compression is quite bad and the vertebrae are quite close together creating the inflammation so allowing them to stretch apart should in theory help?

Any suggestions are welcome.

As part of your previous rehabilitation programs did you ever practice simple decompression techniques, like spooning a swiss ball?

No, mainly consisted of stretching and core work.

Try some of that basic stuff then before investing money into inversion therapy.

One that worked well for me was to hang off the pull up bar (with straps) and let my legs fully relax to stretch my spine.