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Comprehensive Martial Arts Book

I am looking for a book that includes information about most or all (if possible martial) arts in the world, I know its a stretch but an extra bonus would be if it included the various techniques in each different MA.

I think finding all of this in one single magic pocket handbook is too much to ask for, I don’t mind a series of books though either.

I’m not implying that I want to learn everything from a book (I go to MMA) I just think it would be cool (as a MA student) to be able to compare the different styles (and hopefully) maybe incorporate some techniques to my own game.

Thanks in advance!


you’ll need a bittorrent program, if you unfamiliar with the technology go here.


It’s hardly 1 book, but, its a gabillion.

600 books? HAHAHAHAHA That would take years to read!

[quote]Fluid wrote:
600 books? HAHAHAHAHA That would take years to read![/quote]

pretty much, there’s probably some good books in there and some crappy ones, you could sort through and just read the ones that interest you.

On a sidenote to anyone who does download, books like these are usually in .pdf format and use adobe reader, which in itself makes me not want to read them, do yourself a favor and download foxit, its free and works a billion times better and faster.

And the download times for that much isn’t as bad as you’d think, I got 485 physics books in around 5 hours.