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Comprehensive Guide to Arguing About Squat Depth



Followed by this.

Is literally the summation of everything to do with this argument.

Yes the squat was clearly high, from every angle by classic standards. Not even close.

But people who dont squat in multiply gear have no business comparing his squat to their squat a) because he isn’t competing against you and b) is competing within what have become accepted standards in his sub category of the sport.


I’m pretty sure everyone is onboard with what you’re saying - going by the comments.


Ray Williams always squats high in training, he only squats to depth in competition. I’m not sure why he does it like that but it works for him.


Was about to say this.

He says if he squats to depth in training his knees suffer, so its a longevity play. Clearly working for him.


That’s why I only box squat. 15 inches, as soon as I touch the box I go back up. Depth is always consistent that way.