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Compounds to Add to My Current Protocol?

Im currently on dr prescribed trt of 250 mg test, hcg and anastrazole, my bloodwork shows my overall testosterone at 1400, i would like to add small dose of tren and EQ to my doses, i have 100mg tren ace and 300 mg EQ what would be a safe dose to go with my current trt?

TRT doesn’t stand for Trenbolone Replacement Therapy.


Nothing with tren is safe


How long have you been on TRT? Body comp? Goals?

You are actually cycling since your T-levels are supraphysiological. Why are you taking anastrazole? If you add tren, what are you going to do for prolactin.

Keep researching.

Relative to your most recent testosterone injection, when was your blood drawn? Injecting 250mg once a week? How much hCG are you taking? Anastrozole?

Im 48 years old 6’3" 285 puonds, im not looking to compete, just want to be a hard 265 pounds, i no its not safe but we make our own choices, just looking for a recommended dose to compliment what im already doing

Ive been on trt for a year after few years of doing cycles blindly, anastrazole is dr prescribed estrogen blocker and i have cabergoline for prolactin

Do you workout?

I take 125 mg twice week , not exactly sure what the hcg dose is and 1mg anastrazole, hcg and anastrazole done twice week with my trt dose, my labs were done last week, 1 week after my last 125 mg injection

Another video, i dont push light weight

Attached a short video

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I can’t see the vids

Safe and abuse of anabolic compounds don’t go hand in hand. EQ is generally considered mild however and tren is reserved for the hardcore users. Tren has many well known severe sides that make it intolerable for many. If you want to experiment then your most mild options are to either increase test and/or add in the Eq.

This is not my first go with tren, ive blindly hi dosed test, tren, deca ove the last few years and im aware of the sides so thats why im not just pinning 100 mg every other day, my idea is to pin 50 or maybe even 30 mg every other day over 16 weeks, i have no desire to hi dose gear and just looking for feedback on low dose to compliment the trt dose im on

Not many in this section have experience with what you’re talking about. Post in pharma if you want cycle advice. Many there are on TRT.

Thinking about your original question, it is difficult to answer. On top of your own personal experience wit PEDs, do you also know others with similar, or any, experiences?

If so, you may have found that anabolic steroids are not unlike TRT in that everyone responds differently to certain drugs and doses. In fact, even more so than TRT. Unfortunately, it’s trial and error. I trained with guys who made huge gains on steroids, others, not so much. Side effects were a problem for some, no problem whatsoever for others.

What do you think about long term usage of small dosages proviron with TRT?

2 months ago i gave it a shot and the sides came on pretty heavy so i got back off and have had to donate few bags of blood to get the headache to go away, i chaulked it up to being to big of dose so i no i have to back the dose off, I realize im gonna just have to bro science it

The videos aren’t appearing. You should be able to just post the Youtube or Instagram link (no embed code needed).

But, yeah, this thread is most appropriate in the Pharma section since it sounds like you’ve basically been blasting and cruising for a few years - very much beyond straight-forward TRT to restore natural Test levels. Nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is.

On a side note, sounds like you’ve got plenty of experience under the bar. It’d be an asset to the forum if you could also talk training and nutrition that’s worked for you, in this thread or elsewhere.