Compounds for My Next Cycle

Hello T-Nation. My name is Ed, Im new to the community, and had some questions that I was hoping you guys could help me with. First off Im 37 years old with almost 20 years of training experience under the belt. Im 6’1 and currently weighing in at around 240-245 lbs with a bf% Im guessing between 16-18.

Ive done 2 PH cycles so far in my life. The first one being an Epistane cycle last spring/summer for cutting and this winter a P-Mag/Trenazone cycle for bulking. Im familiar(atleast with what Ive done so far) with cycle preparation, on-cycle supplementation, PH dosaing, PCT and the SERM needed for these compounds.

I bulked up quite a bit over the winter while on the P-Mag/Trenazone and ate like a horse at the same time while getting my body weight up to 270 with increased muscle mass and strength through the roof. As soon as I was done with the cycle I immediately started dieting strictly and adding in lots of cardio to the workout sessions.

I wasnt as happy withe the Epistane results as I was with P-Mag/Trenazone results so I wanted to try something a little different and maybe step it up a little this spring for my cut. One thing that I definitely DO NOT want to do, atleast not now, is inject myself. Ive spent many hours under the tattoo needle but dont want to stick myself with a needle.

Im pretty happy with 240-245 lbs so adding more body weight isnt the goal but bf reduction definitely is. I guess what Id like to do would be more or less called a recomp. Add some muscle while reducing fat and stay around the same weight.

One problem that I had last cycle even with the P-5-P added was the loss of libido around week 4. Even though I had other side effects like increased joint pain and lethargy, the libido loss was the biggest downer to me. SO I was thinking about adding Proviron to another compound to help eliminate that problem, and from what I read Proviron helps accentuate other steroids and is not too toxic on the liver. Anavar Ive read is a great product for reducing bf but then others have told me its not as good as I think and its similar to Epistane. Dbol is not really a cutter so to speak but gives good mass which could help while reducing bf to keep the weight about the same, although theres alot of water weight here. I liked the Trenazone and due to the fact that it was a topical that makes it easier with 1 less oral in the cycle. Ive read a lot of stuff about testosterone creams/gels but not sure if that would be practical to add into a cycle and if they really work that good. Although the Balco scandal had “The Cream” and was supposedly a pretty potent compound.

So pretty much with my background, what Ive done so far cyclewise and what my goals are what types of compounds would you guys recommend into a third cycle? Hopefully this was a good post and didnt seem like I was babbling on to much. Thank you all for the anticipated help and I look forward to your responses.

if ur not looking to inject id say just stick with a pro hormone. personally myself i love h drol by cel =) good for cutting up a little bit while adding some strength. If you want another approach ive heard a low calorie superdrol cycle works as well, dont have experience myself with this though.