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Compounding Pharmacy - Feedback?

Compounding pharmacies make all kinds of drugs in the U.S., aren’t regulated by the FDA (but are legal) and many doctors prescribe drugs from Compounding pharmacies.

Now that I am 46 years old (and thus ‘qualify’), I have decided to go the “legal” route and get my test treatment from an anti-aging clinic (I make my own Tren). While I have a good, solid underground connection, it is not worth the legal risk for me anymore.

ANYWAY, the meds are cheaper through the anti-aging clinic to begin with, mainly because they are made from a compounding pharmacy. I know the particular pharmacies that make the compounds, but won’t post here, although you can pull their names up on the web. There are many, and again, legal.

Has anyone had any experience with anabolics/androgens made from Compounding clinics?