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Compounded Testosterone Gel Cost

I was recently diagnosed with low-t and was prescribed 50mg of testosterone gel a day to start. Cost around USD 120 / month. I have been reading some very conflictant information about compounded testosterone gel cost in the web. Some people saying it costs as little as USD 30-40 and a recent study done testing potency of compounded testosterone suggesting a monthly cost between USD 70-160 / month for a daily 50mg dosage. Any one here using compounded testosterone can shed some light about cost? Just wanna make sure i am not paying too much. Also for any of you does insurance cover any of the costs?

You should be able to get a two month supply compounded for about $75, i.e., $37.50 per month. See e.g. atmrequest.com/2-Medications_c3.htm - though you can only order from there if you are a patient pf that practice.

A bit of a diversion:

Transdermal T absorption is 10% at best. So that inflates your costs. You need to absorb 10mg/day to get high-normal lab numbers. So I expect that your levels will be less that satisfactory. But give it a go.

If you do not absorb, that can be a symptom of thyroid problems.

Your least cost TRT is self-injected testosterone.

You may need medication to manage E2 levels.

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The ten percent absorption is already taken into account in the gels. For example the 5 MG commercial gels actually have 50mg per dose. The same goes for compounded creams.