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Compounded Test vs Big Pharma

Does anyone have any experience with test cyp from a compounding pharmacy?

My T cyp, HCG and Anastrozole scripts come from a compounding pharmacy.
Do you have a specific question?

I have read some negative reviews and studies regarding the consistency and safety of compounding pharmacy medications. I am on trt through my Dr and get generic test cyp from my local pharmacy and am considering switching to an online/telemedicine service. They use compounding pharmacies.

It depends on which compounding pharmacy you are referring, you can’t group all of them together as negitive just because they are a compounding pharmacy.

Compounding pharmacies can compound any medication into customizsed doses.

Empower Pharmacy is top notch.

And empower is a 503b not all compound pharmacy have this designation. They have a website. They in Texas

I checked with the Dr assures me they use 503b pharmacies. I am hoping @physioLojik gets his clinic up and running soon. I just need a Dr to get me through until he does as my current Dr retired and I don’t like his replacement. Entourage Medical is the name of the clinic. They use different compounding pharmacies around the country depending on where you are located.

Those reports could be true. You should investigate the one you/your doc wants to use. There are lots of state to state rules it can get very complicated. I have used the one in texas and one in Florida. I prefer the one in Florida but both have provided excellent quality produces to me.
Is that physiolojik guys doing tele? I’ve read here he has moved his practice to Colorado.