Compounded T Gels vs Creams

Hi folks, new to the forum. I have been on HRT for almost 3 years. I am using a coumpounded cream 12.5% 2ml/day. This is a daily dose of 250mg which is alot. Previous testing at the 125mg/day level only got my free test to 10.9(6.8-21.5). The 250mg/day has my free T up to 13.18. Total test is high normal.

I feel good at this level, but I wonder why I am not absorbing as much as expected from such a high dose. I am very lean and apply to the inner thighs. My wife is concerned with transferring to her, as the non absorbed test “goes somewhere”. My doc mentioned that she is noticing better absorption now with compounded gels. Any personal experiences or input would be appreciated.

If your Total T is high normal, then you ARE absorbing it. You are having other issues that are keeping your Total T from being freed up to Free T. This is usually due to high SHBG and/or high E2.

Personally, unless you are a recluse who lives alone and never sweats or takes showers, the gels are more trouble than their worth. Talk to your doc about switching to injections.