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Compounded Cream 1 Year Later - Advice?

I’ve been on compounded cream for around 1 year. After initial test readings in the low 200 ng/dL the cream brought me up to the 900 range. Now, a year on, I tested around 500 ng/dL with an actually slightly higher dose (any idea why I would have gone from 900 to 500 on the same medication?). I am applying to the same areas and the blood draw was performed at about 8am with application around 7am (and also the night before around 10pm). That said, I’ve never felt quite right on test. Before taking test I was put on Clomid around 2.5-3 years ago and had a reading of 771 ng/dL and remember that being the last time I felt “normal”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very comprehensive testing (no estrogen, dht, etc.). I was taken off Clomid after the below reading and ended up testing back in the 200s.

These are the results from when I felt “normal”:

These are my current numbers where I feel off…general fatigue, lethargy:


My DHT level is slightly elevated but it’s been in the normal range in the past as well without any significant change in how I feel. Would love some thoughts on if anything jumps out as noticeably different or if anyone has a similar experience.

It might be that your absorption is becoming an issue. The high DHT isn’t an issue.

Where are you applying the cream?

I alternate, but generally my obliques, shoulders,and chest. I was doing my forearms for a while, but when I had my blood draw in october that showed my total test at 341 and free at 4.8. My dose was upped slightly since then, and I should mention I am taking hcg troches now as well 2xs a week.

Different labs can account for different levels. I remember when I used LabCorp, after not using them for years, my total T was in the 500’s. Then I realized their range is lower than the lab I had been using.

The 900, 300-500 were all from labcorp. I’m wondering if part of it could be needing to clean the area more before application. Normally for the evening application it would be after a shower but not on the morning application.

Useless, the HCG troches are destroyed by stomach acid.

I do still have injectable as well. I’ll read through the forums but do you think it’s worth coupling the hcg with test?