Compound VS Isolation (Its a harder question than you think)

[quote]BantamRunner wrote:
Do 5 sets of 10 chin ups using strict form. WHEN do you feel your bicep working the most? The last part of the movement most likely.

Do 5 sets of 10 Preacher Curls using strict form. When do you feel your bicep working the most? Duh, during the whole damn movement.

Now compare the pump, soreness, and DOMs the next few days. Which of these two exercises presents the most response in the bicep?

Unless you’re very weak my guess wold be the preacher.

As far as best? That depends on what you’ve been doing and how you have progressed. The best bicep exercise for me may not be the best bicep exercise for you. For a noob a close grip chin may in fact be the best for that situation. For someone who hasn’t done an exercise (be it preacher, incline curl, barbell curl, etc) for a long while then that may be the best for that person.

Lift, Learn, Repeat.[/quote]

Ok thanks mate so in this case your saying an isolation exersise is better for bicep size than a much heavier compound exercise if you have used both exercises equally in the past!?

Anyone disagree with him?