Compound Synergy

Hello to you all. This is my first post. Safe and effective aas use is all about research, trial and experimentation as we know. A large degree varying from individual to individual. Ive been a member exclusively on another forum for about 5 years during which time i began my aas journey. Recently i stumbled upon tnation, simply because in my google searches and research in general this site would pop up almost always with the best info in terms of dicusssion. Specifically writings from bill roberts here led me to seek out searches on this site.

Now to my question. I would like some light shed on the idea of combining certain compounds. Specifically dht derivitives. Ive read varying opinions on things. Some say once youre “saturated” etc, that there is little to no benefit adding in this or that. Some say otherwise. As in anything will have some sort of effect. More specifically, combining say-masteron/primo/winstrol/proviron would seem to me to be something greek godly yet, ive seen much opinion saying you’re better off with the 1 gram primo or the 1 gram masteron (dosage purely for instance) than attempting a combo of all such dht derivitives. I would be curious as to what the “threshhold” is, in theory dosage wise, for combining same “class” compounds if you will. This concept is new to me and seems important. Alot of money could be wasted on such things as masteron and primobolan as we all know. Im very interested in all your advices, thanks so much.

Fyi. 30 years old, multiple cycles under my belt.

Problem is, when one takes anabolic steroids, new androgen receptors are created (and initially) androgen receptors are up-regulated, thus the point of saturation will keep increasing. At what point does the dose response curve decrease to a point that the new synthesis and up regulation of AR is canceled out by the saturation of said androgen receptors? We just don’t know, nor would it be ethical to carry out such studies as we’d be likely talking about doses within many grams of gear per week.

We could do this with rats/rodent models, however that’s flawed too as rats have different metabolising, elimination pathways (and different enzymes in different tissues, different amts of hormonal output, lifespans and more). For instance, 5mg/kg test E/wk causes cardiomyopathy in rats, the HED of that would be like (for a 70kg male) roughly 58mg of test E/wk… that sure as hell won’t cause harm in a human male.

Mechanisms as to how certain anabolics work to create a different “look” are unknown, water and electrolyte manipulation + increased lipolytic activity and glycogen retention likely play large roles

That being said

this and

don’t mix unless you have a terrible case of mild androgen insensitivity syndrome.

Mast isn’t that expensive, not compared to primo. Cost is very similar to nand, test and tren here (although the mg/ml concentration is slightly lower) so lets say you’re shelling out an extra 20$/vial

I imagine though, that if you used all those four compounds while cutting you’d look like an erect penis

@unreal24278 thank you very much for your response. All that you stated makes sense to me concerning the varying degree receptor saturation, the inability for truly accurate testing, and the role of water and elecrolyte manipulation along with lipolytic activity.

I can follow where you speak of not mixing the primo and masteron, although i have no experience with primobolan I have seen many testimonies of its effects being quite similar to masteron although it is more anabolic. I believe in this case, given the goal-masteron would be better suited as the primary dht derivitive used. In my experience, Ive had very little to zero need for added anabolic compounds when running alongside tren. Therefore perhaps if i feel to add I may be better suited adding a mild anabolic with hardening properties such as anavar, along with proviron and maybe winstrol. Thatt being said, running the amount of masteron Im intending may leave little need for a winstrol. Thank you again.

I wasn’t saying don’t mix primobolan and mastering due to the addition of polypharmacy. I was talking about the doses listed, two grams of gear/wk + whatever else you’re using isn’t the definition of safe use. Unless the duration of use is very, very limited or I was personally competing at a high level I wouldn’t venture into that dosage territory.

I follow you. I could never afford to run each of those at 1 gram if i wanted to. Is interesting though comsidering its generally said each of those is to be ran at 6-800 from everything ive read although, ive seen good results from masteron at both 400 and 500 and have never gone higher.