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Compound Movements Easy on Shoulders


I've been seeing a chiropractor the last week because I've been noticing some balance issues I have while performing exercises involving my deltoids. We found out that I have a right shoulder impingement. My right trap is bigger than my left, while my left anterior deltoid is much bigger than my right.

I'd love to keep my compound workouts intense, but would like to take it easy on my deltoids for now until I get this problem corrected. Does anyone have suggestions for exercises I can use as substitutes for the following:

high rows (elbow to ear)
front/side lateral raises

I feel like crap because I can't work my deltoids too much without being subject to some pain from my treatments. I'd appreciate any help you can give me.
Il Don


Obviously this shoulder issue is a real issue for you, because you've mentioned it in a few threads I've seen. I know you're excited and motivated to work shoulders, but I honestly think you should put that energy into rehabbing your shoulder.

A fucked up shoulder is not something you want to carry around with you for the rest of your life -- you'll just turn into one of those "I used to be all in shape like you... until I blew my shoulder out..." guys.


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