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Compound Morning, Isolation Evening


would it be weird to train chest in the morning and triceps in the evening?

reason being i like doing them both on the same day because of workout frequency but i cannot do any presses for triceps after doing the chest because i feel it too much in the chest.


If it works for your schedule, I don't see why not. I can't do CGBP after chest either. So I'll usually drop that when pairing the two together and bring it back when doing tris with another bodypart. But I've got a commute and kids and I can't lift multiple times a day.


i dont see why not. Just wouldnt increase the total volume of each seperate workout to much....less you be eating enough!


As in your chest fatigues before your tris get decent stimulation? I don't see anything wrong with just "feeling" it in another muscle group as long as your frying the tris in the process. You ever tried doing a press for your tris AFTER some isolation work? Like
lying extension
close grip bench

in that order?

You could also think about doing some weighted DC style stretches for your pecs before your tri work...might take them out of the picture a little bit more.

Or by all means, if you wanna go to the gym 2x go for it!!


If you have access to bands you could do reverse band bench with a close grip, would help focus even more on the triceps.


Ya schedule will be the biggest obstacle, but if you have time for it then go for it. I absolutely love training this way. It allows you to go at your isolation movements with more intensity than you would be able to if you dod them immediatly afyer compoumd work. I think it was CT that said splitting your workout onto two sessions is more productive than one long session.


ye thats a good way to train IMO. just pretty musch impossible if you're working a full time job.

back when i had extra time on my hands, i used to do heavy deadlifts in the morning and then come back pm and do more work for my lats (rows, pullups etc).

i think it works best if you train your compounds with low rep ranges and leave volume work for later in the day. kind of like a mix of powerlifting/bodybuilding.


i guess my next question is does it matter how far apart these workouts were from eachother?

for instance if i worked out at 11 came home at 1230 ate at 1pm then hit the gym again at 3pm?

or should these workouts be spaced far apart like 10 am and 5 pm


I've also done this where I trained the deadlift earlier in the day then did back later. I liked it.


I used to do this in college when I had nothing but free time. It was a great way to train. It just doesn't really work for those of us with jobs, wives, and kids.


10 and 5 would probably be ideal but I think I have seen CT say that when you're doing two a days they need to be 4 hours apart. Either will probably be fine just make sure you're getting a good meal in between.


Generally speaking 4 hours apart is about the minimum for full workouts. But other than that, not really


I dont think its impossible for full time jobs at all. It's really easy to hammer isolation workouts for 30 minutes and get good volume in, you dont need 90 minutes of isolation exercises. Just rest shorter periods anyway. as long as you can get 20-30 minutes after work you can hit whatever weak muscle groups you want. Days that aren't as busy, take 45 minutes and rest longer between sets in your second workout. Kids would complicate things more than a full time job imo.

I do like the low rep first/high rep later set-up very very much.