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Compound Lifts=Hormones?

Some jacked olympic lifter at my gym called bullshit on the principal of increased testosterone output due to compound lifts, a principal I faithfully abide by. He mentioned that avid lifters often have lower than normal testosterone levels, which blew my mind, could someone throw me their 2 cents on the subject.

Hi arDieselar,

Wait, so someone who has obviously taken advantage of doing heavy compound lifts (the Olympic lifts in this case), and has developed a massive physique from doing so, is suggesting that compound lifts don’t have an anabolic effect? Seriously, think about how ironic that is.

Also, there are a lot of self proclaimed experts out there. Where is this lifter getting his information? How is this lifter’s understanding of physiology, or in this case the endocrine system as it relates to the muscular system? My guess is that he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but then again I could be wrong. So, I strongly suggest you ask him where he got his information, then check it out for yourself.

Good training,


Increased Growth Hormone not testosterone from heavy compounds.

Avid lifters usually do have suppressed testosterone levels.

Its all in here.

From what I’ve read, exercise does lower testosterone levels. I think the androgen receptors become more sensitive, though. (I think)

what was his evidence for and against your statement? He may well be correct, but don’t just believe everything someone says about training just because they’re jacked.

Be careful jumping to conclusions about what the guy said - did he say compound moves don’t make you grow? or did he say they don’t produce more T ? What exactly did he say? there is some truth in what he said, from the loose quote provided.

all things being equal between two groups of people… one group trains and one group doesn’t train.

you really think there’s gonna be a huge difference in the average level of testosterone between the two groups? come on, get real.

and this thread is even going a step beyond that, as if compound movements somehow make a considerable difference in testosterone levels.

again i ask a question, all things being equal betweeen two groups… one group does isolation exercises and another group does compound movements… you think there will be a significant difference between the average testosterone level between to two groups?