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Compound Lifts 3 x/Week, Anyone with Input?

Hey all!
This is how I’m planning on training these days and was wonder if there was any input

Basically a full body x 3 a week routine, but with some modifications.
Light work is about 70-75%
Heavy is around 85%
Testing every 8 week cycle.

Day 1
Superset Squats + chins + dips( light work) 5 x 3
Superset deadlifts + overhead press 5 x 3 (light work)
Bench press 5-8 x 5 heavy

Supplementary exercises
Chest 6 sets
Triceps 6 sets

Day two
Superset Squats + chins + dips 5-8 x 5 heavy
Barb. Rows + overhead press 5 x 3 (light work)
Bench press 5 x 3 (light work)

Supplementary exercises
Legs 6-8 sets

Day 3
Superset Squats + chins + dips( light work) 5 x 3
Superset deadlifts + overhead press 5-8 x 5 heavy
Bench press 5 x 3 light work

Supplementary exercises
Back 8 sets
Biceps 4 sets

Deads twice a week.

Thinking about putting some snatches in there also.

Any thoughts ?

What are your current maxes?

Why so many supersets? Just IMO but it seems like a reasonably bad idea.

You have never supersetted heavy, have you?!!??

Do this, similar but better…

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Current In kg’s: bench 130 ,squats: 145 , deads 190.

Well “mr t”, i used to train for strongman lifting and medleys: supersets was a part of my routine, deads+ overheads were a staple in my routine. So yes, i have done supersets.

I just like to perform them, gives me a mental “break” from what i am doing. The supersets consists of a 30-60sec break between the movements

I mean … It seems fine. I’m sure itll work if you have a plan for progression. It kind of just seems like you threw it together though. What is your short-term goal? Strength, size, etc…

Why not a pre-written program?

In full honesty i have been lifting for a long time, always for strength, never for aesthetics, but now, after paying my dues, being big and bulky , my knees are shot, i like beeing lightweight and lean and lifting 6days a week is no longer for me. I have been playing around with phat/ph3, the O.L and viking races ( kinda like the spartan race) doing O.L circuits for time this spring/summer, insane fun and motivational. So i want to pack it all in into 3 days and take it from there. Ill just go a-head and give it two cycles and see how it goes

Thanks for the answer, but not the question

Super setting heavy squats, dips and chins is not the best use of a program. I see it on a lighter day, but at 85%?

You would be better served rotating the three. Heavy squats, then chins and dips at medium weight. Etc.

But as noted above, it looks like it was thrown together. And badger has a better solution.

Just read this.

Packing it all in three days is a recipe for disaster.

Let us know how it works out, but seriously look at badger’s link.

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Current Body weight?

How much did you weigh when being "big and bulky "and what height?

Are you imply your bodyweight is what caused your current knee issues?

Current bodyweight is 193lbs, i was 214( lifts were B:330, S:330 D 495) : . I am 6,1(187cm).
Not saying my weight was the issue, but it played a part, snowboarding is the real culprit.( busted the same knee twice), 30 and still pushing it as if i was 14.

You’re going to hate your life doing 5 (and possibly 8) sets of 5 at 85% in a superset.

Ehhh…in reality if you was carrying 300 plus on a 6’1 frame for years than Id say yes. Id say the snow boarding definitely is the real culprit as you stated.

easy to adjust the % of 1RM. :wink: Also i can f.ex: rotate the starter exercise during the week and go heavy on the starter the light on the remaining

i got a nice referral to the madcow system + acc work on bb.com, ill go with it, put my self in a 150-200kcal over maint and check back if i need some input :slight_smile:

Yes, because Madcow is quite similar to what you posted…

I mean , you put yours and Madcow’s program side by side and the similarity…

Good show chap. Lovely.

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