Compound Lift Program

Hello all,

Well I had to drop the v-diet plan, was too drained at work to be able to maintain such low carb/calorie intake. I do heavy repetitive lifting monday through friday, and just did not have the energy. So my v-diet experience went poof, but I plan on consuming 3 shakes a day and 2 solid meals a day, allowing for a little indulgence on the weekends!

On a plus note I did lose 5 pounds since last Thursday, so all is not lost.

I have a 45 day plan (thru 12/31) consisting of 2 major goals

lose 2" off my waistline
increase all major lifts by 2-3%

Today was the first workout

Hang Clean
superset with weighted dips

superset with ab twists

RG Rows
superset with bulgarian squat

Total workout took 47 minutes, and I feel very good at the moment, tomorrow will tell the true story. Just want to keep a log here to keep myself honest, and to get feedback/critique on program design. Workout 2 is slated for saturday, more compound lifting is on tap.

Currently 5’11", 225lbs, 37" waist

Thanks all


Well doing a low calorie diet, I would no be doing a compound workout. I personally would do one or two compound and then the rest would be accessories. The reason is compound lifts work your CNS, and with a low calorie, I’m guessing you are not getting enough for your CNS to recover from an overload like you are speak of.

That would explain for your feeling of being drained.

If you’re going to be doing the V-Diet, I’d suggest something that has high volume and low intensity or a half/half workout.

Just my $.02

workout #2

jump shrug

ss with bench press
time 20:00

front squat

ss with narrow reverse grip pullup
bodyweight +45 x5x5
time 36:00

push press

ss with back ext
bodyweight x3x10
total time 45:00

Back off the volume AND the frequency.

The guys recommending 8x3 workouts (Chad Waterbury) are only talking about 4 exercises in a given workout.

I’d also say that no more than 4 workouts a week. Take Wed and the weekends off, especially on reduced-cal diet.

Probably more like M/W/F with some fast walking or other general; activity on your other days.

Your on a hypocaloric diet bang for youyr buck get in get the work done get out no playing araound no wasted moves.

Each workout one push, one pull, one legs maybe an ab/core done.

Thats my 2cc,

oh and three days a week. vary reps sets etc but be sure and have one day HEAVY low rep.

To clear up a little confusion, I am off the v-diet, but am trying to cut back calories while adding additional protein. So I am not that calorie deprived.

The plan is for 3 workouts a week, for a 3 week cycle on the same rep plan, week 4 is a low volume week with changed rep schemes and exercise order. Weeks 5 and 6 will be back to high volume 3 day a week workouts, with a final weight/waist measurement around January 1st.

This is the first time I have planned out more then a 2-3 week cycle, so a bit of uncharted territory. Hopefully my exercise ADD will be staved off by actually having a concrete timeline and goal.

The workouts are demanding, intentionally so, but thus far only general muscular soreness has occurred, which I always expect when changing up rep schemes and or volume. I rediscovered what a tremendous upper back workout deadlifting is when I went to 3 sets of 10 reps after years of only 2-5 reps max on deads. My upper back was torched for 3 days, but in a good way. So far so good, and I am sleeping quite well at night!

Thanks for the input everyone, and happy heavy lifting!


workout #3 11/21/06

1-arm db snatch

SS with Lat Pulldown abs

time 11:00

Decline Bench

ss with good mornings

time 36:00 (note trouble finding a capable spotter on the decline, probably cost me 4:00 on this SS)

DB romanian dl
35x4x15 (35 lb db in each hand)

ss with straight leg leg raises

time 45:00

the gm’s and RDL’s torched my hams because I am not accustomed to rep ranges above 6 on any lower body exercises. It was a good feeling though, no pain, just that reminder that I am pushing my body to perform.

Keep the input coming. It looks like I need 2 days rest min between these workouts due to the higher cns stress of multiple compound full body lifts, I think that explains things…or not?

anyway lift heavy, with purpose, then go home!