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Compound for Important Exam


Pherhaps this is not your area, but I rather prefer to ask you instead of people who i have never saw, and i don't know anything about them.

I want to know what would be the best kind of compound to aid my performance in a important exam(actually 3, math, language, and science) comming in november that will decide if i make ir or not into the med's school. I have used caffeine before, it had helped me with the focus, but i think it kind of accelerates me and put me in a nervous state (which may make me answer too fast and probably make me make more simple mistakes in the test, like 2*3=5).

Knowing that, what would you recomend to aid with the focus/performance?

Any food to take before/during the test? Some people have told me to take some chocolate/sweets with me (make sense because of the brain's prefered source of energy is glucose).

I hope to not get flammed on this, i ask because it's very important for me and will decide my future.



I'm obviously not Chris (got a lot more hair), but here's a few suggestions:

Power Drive for mental focus and clarity during studying and exam

ZMA and Alpha-GPC for sleep quality, cognition and just general health (zinc and magnesium get depleted easily during times of stress)

Of course, correct nutrition is of paramount importance. If you think you're gonna miss meals or have a less than perfect diet, consider adding Superfood and Flameout as well.


Alpha-GPC is very effective. It has significant cognitive effects at 900mg.

Power Drive increases blood flow to the brain and neurotransmitter levels.

I would use 900-1200mg of Alpha-GPC along with 2 scoops of Power Drive 90 minutes prior to the exam.


Cool, thanks for the quantity. How much for a regular study session?


I must say Alpha-GPC has really helped me with my alertness and recovery. I have ADD pretty bad and just one bottle has helped me tremendously along with ZMA. Even in class I seem to be more aware and cognitive in my anatomy class!



This compound's minimum and maximum effective dosage is basically the same, which it pretty rare. Less than 900mg you'll have the strength enhancement but not the cognitive one. Less than 600mg, don't waste your money!


Thanks for your feedback, thank you very much :slight_smile: