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Compound Exercises?

just making a post to get some new ideas. could anyone give me a listof all the compound lifts they know and which muscle groups they work best on. just looking to add to the very limited knowledge i have. thanks in advance for any ideas as it will mean i can go onto exrx.com and learn how to do them and then i will have a better chance of gaining in 2008.

Here’s a list off the top of my head, keep in mind though that different people may respond differently to some exercises, so the muscle groups aren’t set in stone:

BB back squat
BB front squat
BB hack squat
Machine hack squat
Leg press
Lunges (short stride in particular)
Bulgarian split squats

Deadlift from floor
Sumo deadlift
Power cleans
Sumo leg press
Powerlifting style squats
Power Snatch
Lunges (long stride in particular)

Olympic lift variations will work them some, as will weighted jump squats
Farmers carries

To be honest though, you’ll probably need to do direct calf work if you want to fully develop them. Don’t get caught up in the “isolation exercises are a waste of time and energy” mindset if building muscle is your primary goal.

Pull-ups (all variations including chin-ups)
BB rows
T-bar rows
Rack chins
Low Pulley Lat Rows (tough to explain easily check out the “best lat exercise” thread in the Bodybuilding forum for a good explanation)
Machine rows

Deadlifts off a rack
Snatch grip deads off a platform
Olympic lifts (clean variations, snatch variations, high pulls, etc…)
BB rows
T-bar rows
Machine rows
Cable rows
Sternum pull-ups

BB flat bench
DB flat bench
Machine flat bench
BB incline bench
DB incline bench
Machine incline bench
BB decline bench
DB decline bench
Machine decline bench
Giordona dips

Military press (BB/Smith machine)
Behind the neck press (BB/Smith machine)
DB overhead press
Arnold press
Push press
Upright row
High pulls
Unwinding press

Close grip bench (BB/Smith machine)
Dips (try to keep body as upright as possible)
Bench dips
Reverse grip Smith bench
PJR Pull overs (look it up on youtube)
Any pressing movement for the chest or shoulders will place secondary emphasis on the triceps

IMO no compound movements will make the biceps grow optimally. You’ll need to incorporate some direct/isolation exercises for your biceps.

Pulling movements with a supinated grip (palms facing you) will place secondary emphasis on the biceps though

Anything that is grip intensive (deadlifts, heavy pulling movements, etc…)
Handheld grippers (COC, Heavy Grips, etc…)
Gripper machines

Once again, isolation exercises are a good idea if you want your forearms to develop fully.

Really any exercise where you are forced to brace your spine (overhead presses, squats, deadlifts, farmers carries, standing BB curls, etc…) or either move your hips/rib cage closer together (crunches, leg raises, etc…) or brace your hips/rib cage from pulling apart (pull-downs, weighted chins, etc…) is going to place a lot of stress on the muscles of your midsection.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, like I said it’s just the movements that I could think off off the top of my head.

Like I said before though, unless there is a legitimate reason, I’d strongly recommend doing at least some isolation exercises as well, especially for certain body parts.

Hope this helps.



Sentoguy, wow, I can’t believe you bothered to type all that. I would have told him to spring the $20 bucks and buy a book or get a library card. But then again, that is just me…