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Compound Exercises?


Please excuse my ignorance, but I have two small questions.
1. What are compound exercises? My uneducated guess is exercises that targets several muscles. Am I right?

  1. What does one do to eliminate the bumps you get from shaving, etc. belly, inner thigh area and hamstring area. ( What better place to ask this one than on a site that is full of people that should know)

I know question 1 fits on this site, and I posted question 2 here also because I didn't think I'd get the answer on a car stereo forum I post on .

I recently started shaving my legs, arms, chest and gut and, other than having to do it every three days, I like it a lot better. Hell, if I'm on my way to being a professional bodybuilder, I may as well accentuate my progress.

  1. A compound exercise involves motion in more than one joint and targeting more than one large muscle group.

  2. Exfoiliate.


Compound exercizes are exercises like Squats, dead lifts. I know little else but I learned that from here :wink:


Shaving is exfoliating. I use rubbing alcohol.


Thanks for the tip..