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Compound Exercises?

Well I just got done skimming through Chad Waterbury’s ABBH program and It looked as advertised. My question though is what are the best compound excercises for working multiple muscles like Dead lifts and bench?


There is a good list of compounds in CW’s TBT to choose from. a short list off the top of my head,

DL’s (various styles), Bench, standing OH Press, Chin & Pull ups, rows (various) Squats (front, back, OH, zercher, etc), Oly lifts ( snatch, clean, clean and press, etc…) step ups, lunges, hack squats, man the list goes on and on.

Thanks again Phill I should probably be paying you with all the questions you have been answering for me as of lately.

NP keep em cominmg and Ill keep trying to help were I can