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Compound Exercises with Only Free Weights


i work out at home and only have a bench and free weights. i do compund exercises to burn more calories to lose fat, so far so good. i do deadlift,bench press, military press, and rows all with heavy weight 8-10 reps, 3 sets each. i do cardio on off days and i take a complete off day every 5 days or so.

i wish i could do squats but i dont have a squat rack, ive been thinking about building one out of 4x4s just for squats.

am i missing any good compound free weight exercises?


How about front squats? They're almost fool proof from a form perspective and you don't "need" a rack to do them. Just clean the weight into position.

Also, I weight loss is your main goal, have you considered complexes?


You could go old school.

One arm suitcase dead lifts. Zercher Squats. Zercher Good Mornings.

One arm barbell curls. It sounds stupid but holy hell it works.


yes sometimes i do some of CTs complexes after my workout sometimes cardio, but i want to lift heavy to preserve the muscle i have and keep its loss to a minimum.



If you can clean it, you're going too light.


Oh my friend, if you think front squats are fool proof from a form perspective, you just havn't gone heavy enough


I like this.


asusvenus- Light front squat is better than no front squat.

Yess there are numerous exercises you are missing... Floor Press, Front Squats, Stiff Leg Deadlifts, Power Clean, Snatches(One Arm Snatches my favorite Exercises), One Arm Presses and curls with the bar( they do wanders for wrist strength, One arm Bar bell Row, T-Bar Row(Ronnie Coleman Style) Upright Rows, High Pulls, Good Mornings,


Just use a couple of saw horses and start all your squats from the bottom position. A deep, deep bottom position!


Split squats will give you a challange with a lighter barbell.


Thats just stupid. Why the hell would you sacrifice form for weight?

Front squats are hard to screw up. Especialy compared to back squats.


So can you do a 20 rep set of front squats with your clean 1RM? Either you're a beast or you have a very weak clean.


what about light front squats and heavy hack squats? don't need a rack for those.


Overhead squats


Barbell hack squats are a favorite of mine, I'd definitely encourage you to get a rack for standard squats though.


im most likely going to build my own out of 4X4s


I built mine out of 4x4s, cement and two 5-gallon buckets. Works great, going on 2 years using it now.