Compound EDT

I’ve done EDT a few times and love the program. One thing has been a constant source of confusion for me though.

I usually end up getting 5 reps for every set during the PR zone. Is this ok?

I would have thought either the weight I’m using is too light or I’m resting too much.

In a 20 min PR zone, I tend to get 10-12 sets of 5 of each lift, ie a total count of 50-60 per lift.

This is where I’m confused. If the weight really was too light, wouldn’t I be getting a lot more reps than that?

It doesn’t feel like I’m resting too much either - pretty much bounce right from one lift to the next with no rest at the start and very short rests towards the end.

Any ideas? What sort of rep total should I be shooting for?

Shoot for between one and one million reps… yeah that should do the trick.

Seriously though, the system will self adjust the reps, if you add 20% reps, add 5% weight. The reps per set are irrelevant, progress is.

If you cannot accept that, then test your one rep max and use at least 70% of that.


I love it when people answer there own question.

Its one of the above.

I found that during a 15 min PR that if you hit 60 move the weight up and in 10 minutes 40 and move up.

Thats just what I liked.

Hope that helps,