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Compound Cream Users: How Do You Deal With Transfer Issue?

I have been using 3 clicks of Testosterone Compound Cream lately from Empower with good success. However I am concerned about transference to my GF. Those of you who use cream - do you have any concerns and how do you deal with this. I have used injections before but just feel better overall on cream.

Is that 3 clicks am & pm or just 3 clicks total?
Where are you applying said clicks?

I don’t use cream but I’d think the am dose would be easy, put it on and go to work, and just pick a time in the pm that works, it can vary be a few hours with no issues, probably as soon as you get home or right before you go to sleep. Jump back and forth as needed.

Just my thinking, maybe someone that uses or that has used cream will chime in.