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Compound Biceps Exercices?


I'm designing a cross-wiring program, and I need to find Compound Bicep exercices... Everything I think of are isolation exercices. What would a compound bicep exercice be like ? any examples anyone could give would be of help... I've searched exrn.net and didn't found any

thanks !


chin ups and barbell curls


Reverse (supinated) barbell rows.


Can I ask why they have to be compound exercises?


All major back exercises like rowing and chinning are also bicep exercises.

Also, how are barbell curls compound? I don't get that one.


You dont get it because the biceps curl technically doesnt isolate shit because elbow flexors are involved so its compound.


Not sure why it HAS to be a compound movement, but for me the safest ones are reverese grip pulldowns and chins. Reverse grip rows are an option... I'm just hesitant on them.


Bent over dumbell rows
Cable Rows
T Bar Rows
Any other kind of row...


Chin ups


Oh, yeah, trap bar rows for a neutral twist, but like Sentoguy was intimating, what would be the problem with doing some curls after a back workout. Best of both worlds. Trap bar rows BTW are a great back exercise. For upper back/rear delt emphasis I use the handles in my plates for a wider neutral grip. Switching the order of the plates on the bar changes how wide the grip is.


I second the question as to why it has to be compound?

Most compound "bicep" exercises are great brachialis exercises which hardly needs extra training due to the fact that it is involved in almost every arm flexion; the biceps is not stretched at all, or due to the resistance curve not worked in an efficient way. In fact the oft touted reverse-grip chin puts the biceps in a lousy position due to the semi contracted position of the start.

Do BB or DB curls..experiment with different bars and grip widths.

It is a and almost perfect exercise for size due to the resistance curve and relative isolation.

People overthink curls too much.


Very intersting idea. I've done similar with a Olympic bar(grabbing the plates) but that might be a better balance of wide grip vs heavier weights. Thanks for that.


Fixation/Insertion Super Sets

In kinesiology, the origin is what is fixated and the insertion is what moves. If you can somehow superset movements that combine these two opposite functions, you tear fibers at both ends and you get super compensation.

Here is a nasty super set for biceps:

Do 4-6 reps of close-grip chin ups (or close grip pull downs, if you are not strong enough to do the chin ups), rest 8-10 seconds, and then do 8-10 reps of incline dumbbell curls.

Do five sets, resting approximately 2 minutes between sets, and I guarantee you there will be no way you can bend your elbows for at least 5 days without feeing extreme soreness.

Here is what is happening: When you are doing the chin-up, the origin is at the elbow and the insertion is at the shoulder. Then, when you do the incline dumbbell curls, it is the opposite: the origin is at the shoulder and the insertion is at the elbow.

Mechanically, you are doing two extremes and you are inducing fiber damage beyond belief.

For triceps, you can superset weighed dips with overhead triceps extensions. Do 5 reps of weighted dips, rest 8-10 seconds, and then do 10-12 reps of overhead triceps extensions with a rope.

Rest 2 minutes and repeat. Do a total of 5 sets and you will not be able to brush your hair for a few days.

Again, because of varying arm position in these two movements, you have the elbows below the shoulders in one movement and the elbows above the shoulders in the next.

The pain is quite exquisite.
-Charles Poliquin-



That damn trap bar is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. My wife got it for me.


Thanks for the input !

Btw, I've read abput cross-wiring in a recent article named 5 Battle-Tested Strategies for Size and Strength
by James Chan

..and I quote

" Cross Wiring

This is where you intersperse light sets with heavy sets, using the same exercise (also known as wave loading or series training) or with different exercises for the same body part. Typically, in cross wiring two exercises, you alternate between a compound movement and an isolation movement:

1A: Barbell Military Press
3-5 reps
90-second intervals

1B: Dumbbell laterals
12-15 reps
90-second intervals

Repeat three more times


Maybe i completely missed the point back in high school anatomy and phisiology class, but how are the insertion and origin points one place for one exercise, yet switched for another exercise?


You are correct. origin and insertion are fixed.


perhaps but try it.. you feel something different...


The idea is correct, but the explanation is wrong or not clear.

The insertion points are not MOVED, but they are moved in relation to each other.

With chins, the insertion and origin are closer to each other, with incline dumbbell curls, they are further apart.

The biceps are biarticulate (span two joints) so this is possible.


Because you are concentrating on different heads of the bicep and in different ROM's.