Compound Advice

Well, I’ve got some options, and would like some input.

I was running 600mg/wk of test e, kick started with test prop at 100mg EOD.

I have masteron prop on hand. I have tren ace on hand. I have winny on hand.

Plus all the adex a man could ever need.

I am on week 7, and I usually run 20 week cycles. This is my 6th cycle, and I’m ready to do more than the typical dbol/test cycle like I’ve done every cycle.

BTW, I may not cycle off, and just maintain a weekly dose of 250e after week 20. I’m done having kids, and I get my blood work done regularly.

How would you more experience people proceed?


Low test high tren.


no winny bro, unless you are competing, its not worth it, joints goto hell and it makes you sour. mast is weak as hell only good for that dried look.

Mast can act as an anti-E, hence the drying effect. I love tren but it makes me into a madman and the night sweats, and the cravings for sugar arent worth it.

I personally add Anavar when i want to dry out. It makes me hard as hell and leans me out. But it comes with muscle cramping