Compound 5x5 Addition or New Program

Don’t know where this belongs to exact.

Iâ??ve been doing strong lifts 5x5 for two months or soâ?¦

I actually did it once religiously 4-5 years ago and it paid out amazinglyâ?¦

Then I switched to other workouts, either with a trainer or doing exercises my gym gave me… they were OKâ?¦

Now Iâ??ve been back on doing solely and strictly 5x5 with some skipping gym days for 2-3 months… MY numbers are where they should be more or less. 1st time I did it, I stopped where I am now… Because it was the summer and I reached a physical and/or mental threshold.

Hereâ??s my lifts and some comments:
Squat: 205lbs (5x5)
Deadlift: 205lbs (1x5)
Bench: 125lbs (5x5 - hard, lacking physically and maybe strength-wise)
Overhead Press: 85lbs (5x5 - hardest one of them all. My form may be bad; or I may have a weak core)
Barbell Row: 125lbs (5x5 -sometimes easy, sometimes I worry I pull myself up and cheat, yet I feel no pain)

I can add to my squat and deadlift. I have wrist pain, swayback; and a swift neck partially due crouched shoulders so I need to fix those.

I heard shoulder dislocations and warrior lunges can help these. Bulldog grip did not help my wrist pain.

My question is:
I wanted to add cardio to my off days… to increase my endurance. I want to get back to playing soccer. And my endurance is probably bad. Although I got on the treadmill the other day and ran for 30 minutes no problem. 7-8-9 increments for 10 or so minutes each. Easy peasy.

I want balance so maybe those streches can help.

I used to do explosion exercises with a trainer such as burpees, or jump squats etc.

So my Q is:
is there any programs out there to increase explosive workouts? the programs on the net from magazines seem so light. No squats? No deadliest? What would that give me? Perhaps a workout that will increase my strength gains little bit or keep them secure, while giving me power and balance. Any ideas?

Can a olympic lift training help?Snatches jerks and cleans? Anyone know of one?

I also have such thin arms! I used to have much bigger size 1st time I did 5x5. Perhaps b/c I used to do 3x12 of a triple super set of machine pull ups dips and pushups. So maybe some explosive assistance exercises can be added to my workouts still?
In that case, my Q would be: my rest times are getting, or Iâ??m keeping them, longer than before. Maybe 1 or to exercises after each workout. What would you suggest?

I can add maybe 1 day cardio to my 3 days of lifting.
And work on the arms and balance and explosive power after each workout? Any ideas for exercises?
*incline plyo. push-ups & weighted dips (what day would I be adding this to?)
*skip squatting one day and add some explosive leg exercises? any ideas? set-rep scheme?
*Iâ??m also thinking inverted rows & medicine ball throw/pass & squat and throw the medicine ball to high ground & broad jumps & not explosive but maybe turkish get-ups to give balance and maybe planks.
Thereâ??s an machined or pull-ups.I canâ??t do more than a few on my own. Wide grip or chin-ups. I know there are programs to increase it but I donâ??t have a pull-up bar at home yet. Iâ??m moving and my stuff will come later so will my pull-up bar so Iâ??ll leave that task to the following month.

So many questions for so many different perspectives to answer. But I hope you guys can help. Itâ??s a bit complicated but I hope I will be able to create a solution based on different responses.

Look up Thib’s new ‘Zombie Apolcalypse’ program

I have recently been looking for something similar to what it sounds like you have been hunting for. I dropped the 5x5 down to 3x5 and have added 3x3 power cleans alternated with 3x3 power snatches on lifting days at the start of my workout and also added a 15-20 minute conditioning/bodyweight circuit at the end. The circuits I have been doing have included pull ups and push ups on one day and chin ups and dips on the next. I also put a conditioning movement in each circuit, I use KB swings, battle ropes, and box jumps alternated each workout. I recently added a 300-400m run into each round of the circuits to improve my run time. I usually do 3-5 rounds. Workouts last about 1 hour and 15 minutes, not including warm up and cool down stretching.

I also have a fourth day where I do a short/medium distance run (3.5 miles). I currently do Sun, Tues, Thurs, Fri on and the other days I do about 30 minutes of stretching and some foam rolling. So far this has been working well for me, I am still tracking to see how the added running plays out.

That Zombie Apocalypse program does look gnarly though…