Component E-H Conversion No Holding in Oil?

Hi Guys,

I have been searching the internet looking for solutions. I have 8 vials (100mg/ml) prop/oil that has totally crashed. I have a beaker full (170ml @ 50mg/ml) that isnt dissolving at all. I don’t have BA or BB on hand. BA is by prescription only and seems difficult to find. I was under the impression that 50mg/ml would dissolve in straight oil. I know if I heat the oil the prop will dissolve, but I’m sure it will crash. As that is what has happened to first 8 vials.
I have ordered som BA from amazon and it should be here by friday. I’m a total newb at this and was hoping for some advice on how to resolve this.

I use the NoaH method to extract the prop as follows:

  1. dissolve 5 carts in methanol
  2. filter out the fillers and binders
  3. 10ml distilled water with .75mg NoaH added to filtered methanol/Prop left for 1 hour exactly
  4. start cold water (distilled) drip of 500ml
  5. Filter crystals with ~10,000ml of distilled water
  6. dry
  7. weigh
  8. do math
  9. add oil
  10. filter with whatman
  11. get big

So my question are:

  1. what can I do to get this stuff to dissolve?
  2. should I add filtered BA to the vials and beaker to help dissolve?
  3. do I absolutely need BB?
  4. if I add the BA how much should I add to each vial which currently has 10ml @ 100mg/ml
  5. if I add the BA how much should I add to beaker which has 170ml @ 50mg/ml

Any help is appreciated!