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Complimenting TRT with HGH Secretagogues

Hi All. long time no post :slight_smile:

To recap, I have stabilized my TRT with 37.5 mg of Test Cyp and 250 IU of hcg 3/week and have found myself to be stable. I am also applying a circadian method to supplementing with T3 to clear out RT3 which has been raised due to yo-yo dieting, fasting, stresses etc

I do “feel” that there is a component missing though. At my age (43) also taking into account my medical history I sincerely feel that I can do with a GH boost.

To be clear, I am not (yet) looking at pinning synthetic GH just yet, but rather looking to see if I can “encourage” my own body to increase its’ own production of GH by making use of peptides. much like the way I tried to jumpstart my own endogenous T production…

As usual with research on the interweb, many things are repeated, ad nauseam and most posts are “copies & pastes” of each other, with many of them containing a modicum of truth.

So, I thought I would post my suggested protocol here as this is the spot where I received the most unbiased, honest & truthful help from some very knowledgeable persons.

My idea is to try and assist my body with production of its own GH, so, I will be looking at pinning with the peptides twice a day. I also realise that stimulating the hypothalamus and the pituitary for a prolonged period could be detrimental so I am aiming for a 6 month trial on, 6 months off and to then re-evaluate.

I have decided on using:

  1. CJC 1295 w/o DAC (chosen this as opposed to with DAC as the half life of w/o DAC matches circadian rhythm more closely)
  2. GHRP-2 (Chosen this as opposed to GHRP-6 in order to avoid appetite stimulation)

According to studies, using either of these peptides on their own would result in higher levels of endogenous GH, but using them both together results in a synergy between them that produces much higher levels and stronger pulses. Not to mention that a GHRP is supposed to lower some sort of a GH releasing antagonist…

I understand that the saturation dose (even though the receptors clear very quickly and the half life of the two chosen peptides are very short) is 100 mcg each

Given the above my dosing protocol is 100mcg each upon waking and a further 100 mcg each before retiring for the night.

My goal with this is not anabolism (apparently, a 3rd dose/day preferably post workout helps to eventually bring about anabolism) but rather rejuvenation and “anti-aging”

I have access to peptides that are 97%+ purity and at reasonable prices to boot. So, I am thinking that the above is a solid protocol.

This is of course if my pituitary is up to the job, I am primary hypo-gonadal after all…if this experiment fails to produce verifiable results then I will consider Jintropin…

How does the above sound to you? Feasible? Or no?


I guess I’m wondering…if you truly want a bump in HGH, why not just take the real stuff so you know exactly how much you are getting? Wouldn’t the peptide route be a guessing game?

Hi, I hear what you are saying…and in a way I agree, however, in my opinion, your own GH is better than an injectable…also, if you are boosting your own production and the boost works (there is always an “if” isn’t there?) then your response is going to be optimal given the variety of pulses, timing etc. You also do not have the effect of shutting down your own GH production which would require a PCT of sorts should you want / have to stop one day…

It also works out to be a bit cheaper AFAIK…

BUT, as I said in my OP, should this not work or work to my satisfaction, I am not averse to pinning Jintropin directly…just trying to do as little harm for the most benefit is all…



Sounds good. Keep us posted. The benefits would have to be enormous for me to think about sticking myself twice a day! Lol

So your IGF-1 labs were low?

Hi KSman, no, I have no idea what my IGF-1 labs are…

Given my age (especially), history, symptoms that still persist regardless of TRT & T3 therapy and nutritional status I made the educated guess that my GH levels and thusly my IGF-1 levels would be low.

I understand that testing would be required if I wanted to know what my exact levels are, but that does not interest me.

Having said that, I cannot see the harm in boosting GH levels for a period of 6 months to see where that brings me.

What is the worst that can happen if there is no fault in my GH and IGF-1 levels and I use peptides to stimulate the pituitary even further? I’m hoping super intelligence or at least X-Ray vision. :grinning: AFAIK the side effects are relatively benign and would cease up cessation of the peptide therapy.

Seriously though, what could go wrong? I am eager to know from someone that is far more experienced / learned with this. That is why I am here.



Lol! Keep us updated. Especially regarding the X-ray vision.


Will do, have ordered the merch today, could take a while to arrive but I will start off with 1 x day dosing at the above mentioned levels (bed time) to allow my body time to acclimate and then move on to the 2 x day dosing

Will definitely try to keep the log updated with progress / changes. Keep in mind that it will subjective to my personal frame of reference…


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BTW, has anyone heard of the peptide “Selank”, or has anyone used it?

If so, what is your take on it, what were your results?