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Complimenting Back and Forth Thread


enough bitching.

this will create a safe environment for us to let each other know how much we appreciate about each other and to encourage and promote each other in our goals, dreams, aspirations....

So I'll start.

MassiveGuns, I don't believe that you are as big of an assbag as you act in these threads.

see how easy this is?

c'mon all.....


OP <3's 8===========D


And Irish, that is a very nice dick you have there.


Edgy you have a nice sword? No homo


Go fuck yourself.


Dshroy - I'm sure that your mother whoring around while you were a kid helped to build you into the man you are today.


I for one appreciate how Irish is able to contribute absolutely nothing to any thread that he posts in, and is able to disrupt any and all conversation with his inane rants.


Thanks Edgy! you are a gentleman and a scholar!





I'm staying out of this thread.


And I too appreciate how you block out your face in your avi to save us all the pain of having to view it over and over, Deej.


Dwarf, you are fucking awesome, and a real role model for all less than talented, height challenged, would-be cartoonists out there.


Do me, do me!!!

wait, that didn't sound so good.....


I try, the Dog is an upgrade.


Danny, don't worry you were just born that way, and there is less of a stigma these days for being homosexual.

Just be yourself~


I love everybody in this thread. With all of my heart.


Hey Edgy, nice avatar.


Nice to have you around Coop - have those sores ever cleared up?



It was worth coming back just for that.


No, and since this is the complimenting back and forth thread I'll refrain from throwing insults at your whore of a mother for giving them to me.