Complimentary Program to I,BODYBUILDER

So after completing one round of the program I am currently in the transition phase. I am wondering what others have done next. Did you go another round? Did you try another methodology? Curious what you tried and what your results were.

how were your results? but no i haven’t done it yet. gonna try this fall maybe

Quite good actually went from 187 to 204 in 12 weeks with no increase in BF staying at 12% my ultimate goal is 211 with 9% BF by Sept 20 though. To be fair though I have been at this weight before and had come off a down period so hadn’t trained hard in a while so I wouldn’t think these results would be entirely due to the program there was a lot of muscle memory there but still overall thought it was a great program and something truly unique.

Point of IBB was/is to teach principles of HTH. So in essence you should be able to design your own split using those concepts. OR you could use CT’s push pull legs split utilizing micro ramps and max rep sets.