Compliment to Crossfit Football

I know mixing programs is taboo, but I’ve struggled to find a program that hits all points I’m looking for. I’ve tried to combine Daily Squatting, 5/3/1 Crossfit Football, and some bits and pieces from other programs. My week looks like this.

Back Squat to Daily Max
Squat 5/3/1
Box Squat 3x5
DB Split Squat 3x15
BB Hip Thrust 4x10
Optional Met Con

Back Squat to Daily Max
BS 3x5, trying to add 5# every week
50 Pullups
Press 5/3/1, with 8 Pullups btw.
Crossfit Football Met Con
Assistance: Lateral raises, pullups, face pulls, 5 sets high-ish reps

Front Squat to Daily Max
Deadlift 5/3/1
6 each Snatch grip, Romanian, sumo deadlift from The Skinny-Legs Cure
25 Weighted pullups
5x5 BB Rows
Crossfit Football met con

Front Squat to Daily Max
5x10 Front Squat
Practice snatch and clean
Sled Push

Back Squat to DM
BS 3x5
50 Pullups
Bench 5/3/1 with pullups btw.
Crossfit Football met con
Assistance: dips, incline press, pullups

Front Squat to DM
5x3 Clean
Crossfit FB met con
Assistance: pulling, explosive jumps

Front Squat to DM

Squat: 240 (on a real good day)
DL: 230 (not tested recently)
Press: 105
BP: 165

So it’s a mess. Strength is my main priority, but I want a good lean and athletic physique too. I really like the CFFB met cons because they usually pair well with the day’s lift, I’ve heard great reviews for Wendler, so I changed the CFFB lifting plan, but I add in a lot of extra pulling and things like lateral raises to hit all areas.

Basically, I’m looking for a plan that would maximize strength, pair well with CFFB for conditioning, and prescribe a good assistance plan to help the lifts, brings and bring up weak points. I’d also like to keep squatting everyday if advised because it’s worked wonders, granted the weight is not very high.

I really like the Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong program, maybe something with a structure like that.

Check out Field Strong on Train Heroic. Made by John Welbourn/maker of CFFB. You’ll need to pay per month but it is one of the better investments I’ve made on training.

PB Andy - first off thanks for the vote of confidence. Glad you are digging the program.

Embrown15 - what are you doing? B/c what you are doing is a fucking mess. I have written about the dangers of the Secret Squirrel Hybrid program for years.

  1. Don?t fall prey to the Secret Squirrel Program.

This is what happens when late at night while scanning the internet you decided to hybrid CrossFit Football?s strength WOD with CFE?s running 2 days a week with CrossFit?s hero WODs and Outlaw?s Olympic programming just for good measure. All the while doing 23 hours a day of ketogenic interment fasting. If you think this secret squirrel program will help you become the fittest man on the planet you are delusional. All that will happen is you become a massive ball of injury, end up doing nothing but Mobility WOD for 2 years with the testosterone levels of a 14-year-old eunuch.

I have a few hundred blog posts on Talk To Me Johnnie about why not to do this. If your goal is get bigger and stronger, how about just focusing on that?

Young, beginner lifters get romanced by the “Christmas tree effect” where you think by adding more and “ornaments” to your training you will being to reap the rewards you want so desperately. But it ends in lack of strength, no gains, injury and confusion.

What beginner lifters need is quality, not quantity. You need to follow a program to the “T” for a few years before even attempting to do what you are theorizing. Start with the amateur CrossFit Football and attack the training with the fury of thousand suns by following a basic linear progression for the next 12 months without deviation.

How do I know you are beginner? Your squat is more than your DL and your best posted squat is less than my 127 lbs wife and mother of two squats for reps in training. Her most recent6 was 146 kgs for doubles.

Remember, being a beginner is a good thing. You have lots of time to grow and get strong with your whole strength training life in front of your. So stop fucking around and wasting time.

John Welbourn

Did John Fucking Welbourn just make contact with me? I feel like Jesus.

I trust what you have to say, and I know I’m clearly a beginner, but I think I can and should do more than just the CFFB workout of the day. I’ve been following the Amateur progression and still adding the five pounds every week in addition to the other stuff. I’ve been doing this sort of template for several months and I feel more comfortable on certain things like squatting than when I squatted only once a week.

I trust what you have to say, but how can I argue against all the other successful athletes out there. Some elite Crossfitter trains 3 hours a day and some professionals train 2x day 7 days a week. And they clearly get results. I know I’m not on their level performance wise, but I’ve handled the volume so far. I’ve never lifted heavy before this past fall, but I’ve done lots of work in the past that’s been a similar amount. And I have seen progress so far. I just want to make progress faster if it’s possible.

Dude, you totally missed his point. Straight from one of the most knowledgeable coaches in strength and conditioning. And yes, he took time out of his schedule to unf*ck your miserable excuse for a “template” and you still want to ignore his advice.

I would love to see the results of your super awesome program, but my guess is your lifts won’t go anywhere and you will waste months of your time. Months you could have spent doing exactly what John says to do and get strong.

It’s not about what you CAN do, it’s about what you NEED to do. If you only need to spend 3 hours in the gym to get optimal results don’t do 20 instead because you think you’ll get more.

And in regards to elite crossfitters that train for hours on end, when you get to that level you HAVE to train that much to get results. If they could achieve the results they wanted with a reduced training volume trust me, they would. The other thing to think about is if you are training this much now what are you going to do when you plateau, and you will inevitably plateau at some point. Always keep some bullets in the chamber so that you can add something when it comes time to.

Field Strong looks like a great program that would probably more than meet your needs. If you’re looking to add some mass you could also check out Power Athlete’s new program, Jacked Street. Looks like a good one, too.

I tried to set up my own programming as a beginner. I just ended up injured and not much stronger. I’ve seen much more progress when following programs written by people smarter than me.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll follow it immediately. Looks like I’ll have a lot more free time from now on.

I understand your enthusiasm because I’ve been there. More isn’t always better though. The bottom line is are you getting stronger (or faster, leaner, finishing metcons faster/stronger, etc) week to week, month to month. If the answer is yes then keep doing what you’re doing. If the answer is no, its time to take a good, honest look at what you’re doing and make some changes. One of my favorite quotes is “success leaves clues.” Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Have you considered just adding a metcon to Wendler’s 531 or Defranco’s WS4SB? If conditioning is something you’re really into, CT made an awesome facebook post a while back that provided some insight into his ideas for being a beast in crossfit ( )

The results his athletes are getting don’t lie!