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How complicated should a first (mass)cycle be? Assuming the cycle will be run for 8 - 10 weeks is it better to run a stack like:

Week 1
Test 1000 mg
EQ 800 mg

Week 2 - 8
Test 500 mg
EQ 400 mg

Week 11 - 14


Week 1
Test Cyp 1000 mg
EQ 800 mg

Week 2 - 6
Test Cyp 500 mg
EQ 400 mg

Week 7 - 9
Test Prop 100 mg eod
Winstrol 75 mg ed

Week 10 - 13

Can a first cycle be to complicated?


Its better to be complicated than to be like my first one where I just shot a cc of Sostenon for ten weeks with no PCT. Of course I was like 17 and a senior in high school but hey, we all make mistakes right? Anyway, I am no expert by any means but I would say that the first one looks good except I might discontinue EQ at around week 7. From the boards I've gathered that it stays in your system for quite a long time with like a 14 day half life or something similiar. As for the second I like the addition of the Winstrol. The prop is simply at your discretion. You could just take your last shot of cyp around week 8 cause there will be plenty in your system for the next two weeks.

I'm doing something very similar to that with the test cyp run through 8 weeks, EQ run through week 6, and then coming in for the last 4 weeks with 100mg Winstrol tabs every day along with tren to cap it off.

Good luck!


it's never too complicated...but the first cycle is a good one...I have used basically the same cycle but for 10wks and and had great results for a mass cycle...don't forget to run your ancillaries through-out and your PCT should not have to be to drastic...


Umm... no expert by any means but, what the hell do you need damn near 2grams of gear a week for in your first cycle? why don't you go a little conservative on your first cycle say between 600-800mgs per week total. This would let you see how big of a responce your body will yield with as little gear as possible. One more thing, what are you going to do post cycle and what anti-e's will you have or take in case of emergency during.


The 2 grams in the first week are to frontload the longer acting esthers. I will have Nolvadex on hand and Clomid post cycle.


Hey you are right i jumped the gun on the 2gms all the way through but, you still shouldn't need a front load or the 900mgs weekly you have down for your first cycle.
Like I said just the opion of some one who reads a lot on here and talks to others and I am a pro at this by no means.


Stack 2 would be a better way to go. Everything seems to make sense time wise and the dosages seem in line too. I think youu would be happier with the results as well.


yes my fellow manitoban is correct. your second stack is much better planned. You ended the equipoise before the end of your cycle to give it time to clear and went with the propinate and winstrol as well. My recommendation would be that you add femara to this cycle at at least 1.125 mg per day. Also I recommend that you tack on an extra two weeks of winstrol by itself at the end of the cycle. This will give you more time to clear the equipoise as it will not be sufficiently clear by cycle's end as is, for a successfull recovery. Winstrol is also an easier drug to recover from because it is short acting, does not aromatise therefore doesn't inhibit the hpta via the ER but instead down regulates the estrogen receptors and also has some progesterone antagonist qualities. Winstrol will help you retain your gains. I also recomend that you use an hcg protocol to maintain testicular size and function, from the end of week 3 to the end of the last week of testosterone propinate. Continue using femara on a daily basis untill the 2nd last week of the winstrol then begin your clomid therapy the last week of your winstrol. Continue the clomid for at least 3-4 weeks, or untill you recover your natural test production. The most important part of a cycle is your recovery! good luck!