Complicated Cycle?

Hello All,

I’m looking for some help in how to run this cycle…I planned on running 1 gram/Wk of Test Enanthate for 10 weeks, but have since acquired some Tren and some Anavar.

What I have:
4 - 10 ML bottles of Test Enanthate
1 - 30 ML bottle of Tren
2 - 30 ML bottles of Anavar
I obviously have ample amounts of Arimidex, Clomid, and Nolvadex, so don’t worry about that…

I’m still running 1 gram/wk of the test, which takes care of that problem. I am getting the tren in week two of my planned 10 week cycle, so I guess the question is, what do I do with the tren and var. Should I frontload the tren since I’m starting it after the test? Should I hold the var until I come off the test? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance…

did you already start the test? if not, hold off till you have the tren aswell. what’s a two week wait?!! not much really.

what is the dosage (mg/ml) of the tren? what do you mean by a “30 ML bottle of Var” ? never heard of injectible var myself. anyways, test and tren concurrently and var to finish.

It’s most likely oral solution Var… I’ve heard from an OG brewer who made injectible Var… but my money’s on this dude having the oral solution… lol

Bro you really need to tell us the mg concentration if you expect anyone to be of any help.

Damn, I knew I forgot something:

The anavar is a liquid oral @ 10 mg/ml, again it’s a 30 ml bottle.

The test is 250 mg/ml, and I have 4 - 10 ml bottles.

The tren is a weird dosage, it’s 106 mg/ml, and I have 1 - 30 ml bottle.

Sorry about that, and again, thanks for the help…


1-10: 1 g test
1-8: 53 mg tren ED. you can get away with 106 EOD. but ED is better.
10-12: 30 mg var ED
13: start PCT

i’d suggest obtaining more var. you only have enough to go 20 days @ 30 mg ED. 6 weeks would be better IMO…something like 30 mg ED weeks 8-13, and start PCT week 14.

just my opinion.

Everything that my man Juice said, but I’d run 40mg Var instead of 30mg… why? becaue 20mg is a chick dose… so … double that, you big boy you.

4-6 weeks 40mg Var Ed to close out your cycle. Excellent. I also agree with Juice on the Tren ED layout…

Keep us updated on your progress.

That should be a nice cycle.

Thanks for the replies…I think it should be a nice cycle, I’m at 220 right now, I know I’m gonna be eating like a monster, hopefully up to 240 with this cycle…Thanks again…

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no matter what ester you are injecting, it does begin exerting its effects immediately, just not at peak/optimal levels due to half life. consider a frontload if this concerns you.

maybe push starting the tren back to week 2 and run it for 8 weeks (2-10) with your test.

oops, i meant week 3…so tren 3-10.