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well it seems that complexes are becoming quite popular. i know what people have been doing in their training is working on a specific movement pattern for that day like having a deadlift day and doing certain complexes with similar movement patterns.

i was wondering if anyone has tried doing something similar but with different movement patterns in the same workout? some thing like a full body strength ciruit but not the tradition circuit with light weight.
i tried something like this the other day where in i did:

of rounds for 30 min with 3 explove reps on dead and PP and 5 reps of chins and cleans.

1a- chin ups
1b- deadlifts
1c- push press
1d- power clean

seems like a cool way to work the full body with heavy weights and with good amoiunt of density as well... let me know what you guys think...


training different moment patterns in the same complex doesnt create the same affect and isnt as effective


With different movement patterns? Good for conditioning, puts great demand on CVS, but inferior for muscle growth.

There's reason why the complexes utilize the same movement pattern.


i guess i see what your saying.. just saw a couple of articles that have the same idea as what i was talking about.

john romaniello's lose fat and stay strong article
CT's reality show mass article

im not a bodybuilder so all out mass training isnt really a priority. i was thinking maybe training like this (heavy, full body, density based) would yield good results with body comp and performance.


Working out with intensity yields results.

Your "program" is more of a circuit. Full body kind of thing. CT's approach is just different. Nothing wrong with yours, just use your brain to create a circuit style workout that will hit all muscles without overworking one.

Different coach, different approach.

My only question is why people keep creating programs when there are 101 programs out there???? Just pick one that suits you!!!