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23 y/o
230 lbs

V-Diet lite (shake morning/evening) + Anabolic Diet otherwise
Goal: Weight loss/body recomp

Complex A 5x8

Remember the workouts, forget the journal.

Alright so, I just did some cardio on friday, then weekend, now monday. I tried complex A again, this time with 10 lbs on the bar. I got through 3 sets before i crashed.

IDK if i’m just exceedingly weak or what, but these are straight kicking my ass. It’s especially discouraging because in the complexes thread guys are talking about supplementing this with other workouts.

Gotta keep on keeping on though.

Complex B today.

Made it through 4 sets before I dropped. I have to say this is severely injuring my pride.

Complex C

All 5 sets, just the bar.

I had a lot of issues with the overhead squat, got some torquing issues I’m going to have to work out.

I think it helped that i was able to workout mid day today as opposed to 10:30 at night like most workout days.

Hey Maleficus, don’t get discouraged. You are making progress so just keep it up!

Complex D

All 5 sets, just the bar.

No problems with this one, exact same amount of rest time, pretty good overall.

Complex E

5x8, Olympic Bar

Was running low by the 5th set, the double squat complexes kill me, but i got em done.

Forgot to post last night

Complex F

5x8 Olympic Bar

The overhead squats were a little bit easier but still difficult, 3 sets of squats… maybe i’m doing something wrong but my lower back tends to hurt a fair amount after I do these 2x squat 3x squat complexes.