Complexes for Fat Loss?

Reading Chris and Dan J’s stuff on Complexes it seems to be the way to go for fat loss. Thinking of doing them 3x per week as fat loss is my main goal and lifting 2x per week to get my strength back.

Long story I have been out of the gym nearly a year due to a knee issue. So fat loss, conditioning and gaining some strength back are my goals. After I dump a ton of this fat and get my conditioning back, I will emphasize the pure lifting more.


I think you’d be better suited focusing on strength more at first. The effectiveness of any conditioning you do with complex training will be incumbent on your strength levels. So you postpone the fat-burning at this point a bit so that you can burn that much more, much quicker, once your strength is solid again. Quantitatively, I’m talking about the difference between winding yourself with just a 45lb barbell after 3 rounds v. dominating with 95lbs for 5 or 6 rounds.

Perhaps you could try something like lifting 3x/week, complexes 1/week. As you increase your work capacity again, add a second complex day. You can also add some morning walks to the mix at this point for an extra caloric deficit that won’t promote catobolism.

like poster above said, if you are doing no activities right now, focus first on strength the rest will follow.

That was what I was wondering. I am thinking I will squat/ press one day, Deadlift/ bench the next then add a couple days of swings. Other than that, early morning fasted walks (good way to jump start the day I think?).

Adding back some pure muscle will make my body start burning more fat anyway as will the lifting sessions.